Vehicle Tracking

The management and monitoring of vehicles are really a necessary task which help the manager can easily observe the vehicle's move, therefrom can assist the manager to make decisions exactly and quickly. The software KV-Tracker is developed to provide an optimal solution so that can ultimately reduce costs in the operation for the fleets. KV-Tracker can monitor thousands of targets such as car, truck, fleet, ship, packages,... etc. and display their location on map in real time, and lets user to directly view historical tracks and notify about events that require your immediate attention via email or SMS message by mobile phone, generate various group reports and much more.

Due to managers are who so busy, can not spend too much time to study about technologies, therefore KV-Tracker has been designed with extremely simple interface and easy and friendly for use, possible to run on both computer and mobile devices such as tablet (iPad, Surface,...) and mobile phone (iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, LG,...), which means that managers can monitor their fleet through devices such as mobile phone,... This is a powerful feature which KV-Tracker aims for customer's benefit.

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Moreover, at present, most of GPS devices in the market are imported from China and then label "Made in Vietnam" or "Made in Singapore" or other countries, this is doing even by famous companies. Because of use the poor GPS devices from China, so the tracked route will be incorrect, the measure error is too big. Meanwhile, the use of hardwares that imported from Taiwan will ensure the accuracy in tracking. This is the major motivation so that Kien Viet Technology decided using hardwares imported from Taiwan, forward to quality products.

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Application for

  • The long trip vehicle, the travelling vehicle, the bus.
  • The rental vehicle.
  • The taxi, the load taxi.
  • The container truck, the rental truck.
  • Vehicle of the work of agencies, companies or enterprises.
  • Motorcycle or car of the marketing team.
  • Vehicles, machinery and construction equipment.
  • Personal vehicles (car, motorcycle, ...)
  • Barge and vessel.
  • Machinery, high-value assets.
  • Tracking the package's moving.
  • ...

The GPS tracking device for car JAS121

  • Completely responding with QCVN 31:2014/BGTVT
  • Price: 2.450.000VNĐ - Permanent warranty
  • Configuration setting remotely or directly.
  • Consuming less power (current 80mA).
  • Anti-vibration and -shock.
  • Appropriate for most of vehicles due to it has the wide working voltage range.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Driver's working time management using RFID technology.
  • Measurement RPM.
  • Dimensions: 130mm×68mm×25mm
  • Weight: 200g
  • ...
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How does GPS system work

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The KV-Tracker

The software KV-Tracker is developed to provide an optimal solution so that can ultimately reduce costs in the operation for the fleets and vehicles with some outstanding features as follows:

  • Monitoring the location, speed, moving route for each fleet or vehicle.
  • Monitoring the fuel consumption for each fleet or vehicle.
  • Monitoring the passengers, the quality of customer service,... etc. for the passenger transport companies.
  • Monitoring the moving of packages for the freight companies.
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Fuel Control and Management

Fuel measurement and control equipment to be installed in the cars, agriculture and other transport. It is an effective way to control the company’s fuel consumption. Fuel consumption data continuously transmits to the data center so that managers can control strictly the vehicle's operations. Therefore, all of unwanted actions, such as embezzlement or fuel leakage is quickly detected and prevented.

Quản lý tiêu hao nhiêu liệu
Quản lý tiêu hao nhiêu liệu

Monitoring and management for fuel consumption:

  • Fuel consumption monitoring.
  • Detecting and handling timely for fuel withdrawal behavior.
  • Preventing effectively for fuel leakage problem.
The chart of fuel consumption
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